EUROPHILANTHROPICS 2015: Trust Matters – A lever to deliver better social justice outcomes

22. September 2015.

Europe is facing one of its deepest crises. The daily newsfeed of yet another tragedy on the shores of Europe and the increasing number of migrants is creating a tone for the future shape of European politics. Both the composition and politics of Europe are likely to change dramatically in the next 20 years. At the heart of this crisis is the inability to place and receive trust between states, state and citizen, and people and communities, built up over many years. It is calling into question the values and aspirations of the European project. The current migrant crisis brings all of this into sharp relief: The opinions of citizens are polarised, the competence and ability of governments to meet and to balance urgent and ongoing needs is under question, and the EU’s policies and capacity to act is being shaken to the core.

EuroPhilantopics will challenge us to recognise that we are in a period of rapid and persistent exponential change. Can we improve trustworthiness and the capability of institutions and communities to be more resilient, to be more prepared and to adapt in Europe? EuroPhilantopics will push us to think outside of the box; it will seek to push the boundaries of our imagination towards a new narrative underpinned by trust.

Jointly organised by BOZAR, DAFNE, EFC, EVPA and NEF, EuroPhilantopics is the annual event for foundations and EU institutions to come together and consider the challenges facing people and communities in the next 5-10 years. This year the theme is trust and how it can be levered to pave the way to a fairer society.

When: 10 November 2015

Where: BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Europska zaklada za filantropiju i društveni razvoj je korisnica financijske podrške Nacionalne zaklade u okviru Razvojne suradnje u području razvoja filantropije i zakladništva u Republici Hrvatskoj.