My Fund/Foundation

Are you thinking of establishing a foundation or would you just like to start your own fund and you need professional help and support to invest in various areas (children, youth, environment, women, community development, health, culture, etc.) in order to contribute to social development and achieve social impact?

You want your name alive after you’re gone through a fund carrying name that will forever support and finance activities for the common good?

You want to invest in social and economic innovation to contribute to positive social and economic changes through entrepreneurial philanthropy?

This is the right address for you!

European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development provides professional support to foundations, individual and corporate philanthropists.

Europska zaklada za filantropiju i društveni razvoj je korisnica financijske podrške Nacionalne zaklade u okviru Razvojne suradnje u području razvoja filantropije i zakladništva u Republici Hrvatskoj.