Our Target Groups

Target groups and beneficiaries of the European Foundation’s activities and programs are:

  • Individuals interested in embarking on structured individual philanthropy;

  • Responsible persons and program staff of registered foundations in the Republic of Croatia, on the European level and in the international community;

  • Representatives of for-profit and non-profit legal entities interested in supporting the development of philanthropy and the culture of giving for the common good;

  • Representatives of organizations and informal groups who launch and implement social innovations;

  • Officials in local, regional, and national authorities;

  • Leaders and managers of development programs for corporate social responsibility of the profit sector.

Europska zaklada za filantropiju i drustveni razvoj je korisnica
financijske podrske Nacionalne zaklade u okviru Razvojne suradnje u
podrucju razvoja filantropije i zakladnistva u Republici Hrvatskoj.


Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnoga društva Mozaik.ba

European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development is a member of

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