Our Purpose

The purpose of the Foundation will be fulfilled through:

  • Professional and financial support to the development of individual philanthropy and foundations in the Republic of Croatia;

  • Participation in the creation of an enabling environment for the development of philanthropy and the culture of giving for the common good;

  • Development of and support to social innovations by enabling the generation of new solutions in meeting and responding to the needs of local communities, and monitoring the implementation of those new solutions with the aim of their potential implementation in other communities;

  • Enabling cross-sector links in the development of philanthropy and social innovations through efficient partnership models developed in European countries;

  • Fostering cross-border financing, cooperation and exchange of knowledge, models and skills, as well as regional cooperation on the topics of the development of philanthropy and social innovations, with special emphasis on the empowerment of philanthropists and foundations in their activities for the common good.

Europska zaklada za filantropiju i drustveni razvoj je korisnica
financijske podrske Nacionalne zaklade u okviru Razvojne suradnje u
podrucju razvoja filantropije i zakladnistva u Republici Hrvatskoj.


Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnoga društva Mozaik.ba

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