In countries with developed democracies, volunteering is an important factor in almost all levels of life, from everyday life to the promotion of socially important positive change. Also, the work of volunteers is highly recognized, valued and sought-after and is a very significant and almost mandatory recommendation for any further employment.

Volunteering is an important factor in the form of philanthropic engagement of people thus contributing to social development.

Volunteer involvement is extremely important at a time of political, economic and environmental crisis with which we are faced on daily basis. Volunteering promotes social activism which is the lifeblood of a prosperous society. Recognizing the needs of the community and a willingness to get active helps the society to faster and better solve accumulated problems and needs.

Volunteering as a social phenomenon contributes to an increased citizen participation in social life, helps create local networks and creates a sense of responsibility for solving the problems that exist in the communities.

In Croatia, there are four regional volunteer centers whose purpose is to promote the development of volunteering at local, regional and national levels:

Association Mi (Volunteer Center Split), Split

Association for Civil Society Development SMART, Rijeka

Volunteer Center Zagreb, Zagreb

Volunteer Centre Osijek, Osijek

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