Foundations in the World

Foundations in the European Union

In the European Union there are currently around 110,000 registered foundations, or 400 foundations per million inhabitants. Most of them are registered in Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Sweden, and the least in Belgium, Greece, Portugal and the Baltic EU Member States. The foundations in the EU employ over 1.4 million people, with additional 1.5 million people volunteering. The European foundation sector is worth 350 to 1,000 billion euros per year and has the consumption and investments of 83-150 billion annually.



Foundations in the United States

The number of foundations in the United States nearly tripled in the period from 1979 to 2005 and now has more than 200 foundations per million inhabitants. 89 percent of American foundations distribute financial support, 6 percent are operating foundations, 4 percent are corporate, and only 1 percent are public foundations. The foundations in the United States have 8.5 million people permanently employed, which makes up 6.3 percent of the entire working population. In these foundations nearly 65 million adults volunteer. Foundations in the United States have annually around $ 300 billion at their disposal, while their consumption (or investments) amounts to $ 29 billion annually.

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